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easy-HC10 handheld disinfectant maker and sprayer

This unique product instantly converts salt water into high quality antiviral disinfectant spray before dispensing in a fine mist to disinfect surfaces in public areas.

Never buy antiviral disinfectant spray again. Reduce carbon footprint.


easy-HC10 antiviral disinfectant spray

Easily convert salt water into antiviral disinfectant spray and dispense in-situ.

Save Money

Conventional disinfectant sprayers consume more than £25 worth of disinfectant per hour of continuous use. 

The unique easy-HC10 converts salt water to a high quality anti-viral disinfectant by a continuous flow electrochemical reaction. The cost to operate the easy-HC10 for one hour is <£1. A 96% reduction in operating costs. 

The innovative easy-HC10 disinfectant sprayer will pay for itself after only 36 hours of disinfecting. 

Increase Productivity

The easy-HC10 manufactures high quality disinfectant from tap water plus a small salt sachet.

Productivity is increased as there is no need to order disinfectant, ensure deliveries are on-time, transport heavy 25 litre drums of disinfectant or decant from large unwieldy containers.

Reduce carbon footprint

The easy-HC10 manufactures the natural antiviral disinfectant spray hypochlorous acid instantly from salt water. There is no need for plastic containers or the carbon impact from shipping heavy liquid disinfectants around the globe.

Hypochlorous acid (HCIO) occurs naturally in the human body, is non-toxic and non-flammable. HCIO is classified as non-hazardous by the environmental protection agency.

Antiviral disinfectant spray: Features & Specifications

The easy-HC10 antiviral disinfectant spray has a robust Li-ion battery giving a long runtime between charges. The easy-HC10 can run continuously for 90 minutes in addition, dispensing more than 7 litres of high-quality disinfectant in that time.

The easy-HC10’s unique micro-Ion electrochemical reactor enables disinfectant strength to be selected to suit the user’s application. 45ppm for food contact surfaces also 100ppm for everyday disinfecting and in addition 150ppm for deep cleaning.

The easy-HC10 has a large 2-litre reservoir providing continuous disinfectant spraying for 25 minutes before refilling with tap water and salt.

Whilst spraying, the easy-HC10 has a bright LED on the front designed to enable the user to see the spray therefore increasing coverage efficiency and reducing time spent disinfecting.

The groundbreaking micro-IonTM electrochemical reactor can manufacture more than 1000 litres of high-quality disinfectant. Should it be necessary, the unique micro-Ion electrochemical reactor can be easily and cheaply replaced by the user in under 5 minutes.

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